Say No to GMO Alfalfa!

Over a hundred people showed at the No to GMO Alfalfa rally in front of Ron Cannan's office.

World famous

Suzanne Somers is against GMO's and promotes advice from alternative doctors.

Blonde -yes- and also at age 66, beautiful and brillant!

I'd Rather Eat Bugs

MP Alex Atamanenko has verified that Health Canada does not conduct any independent safety studies on GMO foods and he's concerned about the results of the Saralini Study.

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Study finds GM corn and Roundup cause tumors and organ damage

Gilles-Eric Seralini published his findings and the media did as well.

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Featuring the latest scientific studies and news in GMO worldwide, such as the Seralini study as published on page 9.

Published with permission, you can download this sample publication for free.

We made front page protesting Summerlands proposed GM apples!

The Daily Courier interviewed the True Food Foundation on Sunday Aug 19th 2012 at the Penticton Farmers Market!

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Apples at the Eye of the GMO storm!

We are creating a storm of controversy! Check the coverage of our Sept. 2012 rallies.

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Attending GMO Conference
in Los Angeles

October 2012

Jeffery Smith Author and Executive Director of Institute for Responsible Technology
Heidi Osterman Certified Nutritionist
Dr. Michael Antoniou Molecular Biologist
Gilles-Eric Seralinis European Representative Professorem Don Hubert from Purdue University

Published in The Western Producer

Western Canada's #1 farming magazine has published our article "Consumers Deserve GM Labeling" in their Oct. 2012 issue.

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Experimental GMO Wheat May 'Silence' Vital Human Genes

Australian scientists have published an article regarding Australia's experimental GMO wheat.

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Meeting Justin Trudeau

January 2012
Heidi Osterman meets Justin Trudeau (son of the late Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau during talks at Okanagan College!
Heidi emphasizes the need for GMO labeling.

Meeting Michael Moore

November 2011
Heidi Osterman travels to meet Michael Moore!
Michael agrees that GMOs are a topic in great need of a good documentary.

Occupying Vancouver!

The True Food Foundation's founder, Heidi Osterman, travels to Vancouver to help spread the word about GMO!

Percy Schmeiser at our Nov. 2011 Rally

Internationally reknowned farmer fought Monsanto's patent rights through Canada's Supreme Courts.

"No one should control nature. No one should control life. No one should have that right, to put patents on nature and life. As long as my wife and I have life within us, we will always go down to fight for the rights of farmers, always to be able to use their seed from year to year. No one should take that right away from anyone."


Urgent-World's top GMO speaker in Kelowna
June 4

The True Food Foundation / Heidi Osterman invites you to Jeffrey Smith’s Presentation "The Health Risks of Genetically Modified Food."  Jeffrey Smith is the worlds’ top author, film maker and speaker regarding GMO’s.
He has been a guest of both Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola.
His organization is the Institute for Responsible Technology, and the his books ‘Seeds of Deception’ and ‘Genetic Roulette’ are international best sellers. A short clip of his new documentary will be shown at the presentation.

See him live in Kelowna!

Wednesday, June 4 at 7pm.
Okanagan College Theatre in Kelowna, BC
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Tickets at the door - $10 cash purchase only.
Volunteers for this event would be appreciated!

March Against Monsanto!

We are taking part in the world-wide "March Against Monsanto."

Saturday, May 24, at 11a.m.
Soil infertility, loss of biodiversity, habitat destruction, and beehive collapse, and health effects are central themes in the second annual event spanning 6 Continents.

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Preserve farmland not GMO patents!

11am on Saturday, February 15th at the Delta Grand Hotel, Kelowna BC

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"Exactly what is so special about a GMO apple that can be sliced and diced and left out for days on end without showing degradation?" Osterman asks adding that "even McDonalds, which isn't exactly a champion of healthy food, doesn't want the stigma attached to GMO apples, nor does Gerber baby food. Do you want to be served week old (but very white looking) apple slices on the airplane as a healthy snack? How about at a buffet restaurant? The duping of consumers is built into the GMO Arctic apple. Instead, leave apples just the way nature intended them. Super Natural is BC's motto and our reputation is at stake."

The BC Fruit Growers' Association has asked for a moratorium on the review of the GM apple. 69% of Canadians don't want the GM apple approved (according to a 2012 survey conducted for the BC Fruit Growers' Association and the Quebec Apple Producers' Association.

Check out the GMO Apple Fact Sheet

Hundreds of people march against Monsanto!

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The Dr. Oz Show!

Are genetically modified foods safe? Learn about the GMOs you're feeding to your family and might not even know it. Dr. Oz hosts a debate about these controversial foods. Plus, he has three warning signs all women should look out for. Knowing them could save your life.

GMO Wheat Silences Human Genes?

Safe Food Foundation Director, Scott Kinnear, University of Canterbury Professor, Jack Heinemann, and Flinders University Professor, Judy Carman, discuss the potential threats of CSIRO's GM Wheat.

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In the modern world they say print is dead, but in our world, it's very much alive and kicking.
Have a read over bits we've gathered and had published regarding Genetically Modified Foods.

Natural FoodsNatural Foods

We're betting you do too and don't want to see it irreversibly altered (changed permanently).
Gene alterations spread into both conventional and organic fields and raises the question: "Is this the beginning of the end of regular, organic farming?"

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